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Published on 2021-01-08 by zhushican

1、手绘墙画制作方法 手绘墙的制作方法很简单,但是对制作者的绘画功底有一定要求。所以以下的方法和注意事项一定要注意!手绘墙画的材料: 各色环保涂料、毛笔、排笔、粉笔、铅笔、涮笔筒、小面积的墙壁(初学彩绘且美术基础弱的人最好选择不怎么显眼的小块墙壁)。

1 methods of preparation and production method of hand-painted wall painting hand-painted wall is very simple, but the producers of painting skills have certain requirements. So the following methods and attention must be paid attention to! Hand-painted mural painting materials: colored green paint, brush, paibi, chalk, pencil, pen swilling pot, small area walls (Beginner painting and art foundation weak best choice small wall not very conspicuous.


2、手绘墙画出现的位置也有讲究。 一般我们不建议整个房间都画上彩绘图案,那样会让空间显得没有层次。您可以选择一面比较主要的墙面,大面积绘制。这种手绘墙画是做为家里的主要装饰物面孔出现的,往往会给人带来非常大的视觉冲击力,效果非常突出,印象深刻。 另外一种是针对一些比较特殊的空间进行针对性绘制,比如阳光房可以在局部绘制与太阳、花鸟为主题的画,在楼梯间画棵大树等等。 还有一种是属于点睛类型的,像开关座,空调管等角落位置。画上精制的花朵,自然的树叶往往能带来意想不到的效果。

2, the position of the hand painted wall also has exquisite. In general, we do not recommend that the whole room is painted painted pattern, so that the space appears to be no level. You can choose one side of the main wall, a large area of drawing. The hand-painted wall art is home the main decoration face, often bring great visual impact force, the effect is very outstanding, the impression is profound. The other is for some of the more special space for targeted mapping, such as the sun room can be painted in the local and the sun, flowers and birds as the theme of the painting, painting a tree among the stairs, and so on. There is a point belongs to the type, like switch seat, air conditioning pipe corner position. Drawing on the refined flowers, natural leaves tend to bring unexpected results.

3、首墙画的图案和色彩要服从整体设计风格。 比如您家是中式风格,那就要求墙画图案的色彩主要是比较传统的黑色,红色或者金色。图案主要来源于中国传统的图案和纹样,或是国画中经常表现的图案。 北欧派简约设计色彩上比较极端,游走于黑白灰和超艳丽色彩两端,因此相应的墙画图案多为经过处理的比较抽象的图案。 现代派设计色彩倾向于艳丽,相应的墙画图案比较写实。 欧式设计的手绘图案色彩比较中性、低调,墙画图案主要来源于古典的欧式装饰符号,来配合欧式家具、墙线的表现。

3, the first poster design and color should be subordinated to the overall design style. For example, your home is a Chinese style of painting the wall would require major color pattern is a more traditional black, red or golden. The pattern mainly comes from the Chinese traditional pattern and the pattern, or the pattern which often displays in the traditional Chinese painting. Color of contracted design Nordic send more extreme, walk in the black and white ash and ultra - bright color at both ends, so the corresponding pictorial wall paintings for after treatment of abstract patterns. Colors tend to modernist design Yu Yanli, the corresponding wall painting realistic pictorial comparison. European design hand-painted color is neutral, low-key, mural painting pattern comes mainly in the classical European style decorative symbols to match the performance of European style furniture, wall line.



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